Asterisk Plus Demo 

Login information

Administrator Account

  • Username: pbxadmin
  • Password: demo
  • Extension: 101

User Account

  • Username: pbxuser1
  • Password: demo
  • Extension: 102

Demo Availability

  • The demo is reloaded every 2 hours.
  • If access issues arise (e.g., incorrect password), please try again after the next reload.


  • Google Chrome, permissions for microphone and sound. See this helpdesk article if you have issues with sound.

Testing Scenario (just an idea)

  • Making Calls: Open two different browser windows to simulate calls between extensions 101 and 102.
  • Active Calls Menu: Monitor ongoing calls in real-time.
  • Call History: Access logs of completed calls.
  • Call Recording: Listen to the recordings of past calls.
  • Call Summary: View detailed summaries of each call.
  • Lead Creation: Generate leads from call records.
  • Linking Calls to Leads: Observe how calls are associated with created leads.

Special Demo Features

  • Public Number Calls:

    • All calls to public phone numbers are redirected to a demo Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.
  • Call Group Feature:

    • When you call the number +19013101155 from your mobile or landline phone, it shows how the Call Group feature works. This feature lets multiple users accept the incoming call to one company number.

Instructions for Access

  • To test these features, use the provided user accounts.
  • Remember, if you encounter any issues with access, wait for the demo to reload and try again.